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Professionalism 100
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Dedication 100
Advanced Technology 100
An experienced and dedicated team, where dentists and assistants are conspicuous by the same values: professionalism, honesty and friendliness. Specialists in dentistry, "YOU" lives up to the name, "YOU" are you, and how our patients are always the most important matter.
We are not only your dentist, we are much more than that, our main concern is the welfare of those who come to us, and so we do not leave any detail to chance. We study each clinical case with the utmost attention and rigor.

Dentistry Specialties

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Oral health is very important for your well-being.
Base strand of dentistry, where the diagnosis and treatment of all types of biological, structural, functional and aesthetic teeth and surrounding tissue problems are done (covering virtually all actions of dentistry). Often it interacts and it is complementar with other specialties of the area.
In YOU we make an accurate diagnosis where symptoms, history, age, general health, the physiological aspects of each patient are carefully evaluated, which allows full confidence in the proposed dental treatment, success on the results and the consequent satisfaction of our patients.
We guarantee dental implants without pain.
Total safety and comfort.
Get the best aesthetics result without compromising the functional part. After a rigorous multidisciplinary assessment, we use the most current techniques (such as Differentiated Surgery) and the most advanced technology in dental implants.
We guarantee dental implants without pain thanks to the used technology (great accuracy in placement and possibility of a minimally invasive surgery).
Dental implants are truly safe and comfortable, similar to the so-called natural teeth but with the clear advantage of improving patient's dental aesthetics. Furthermore they normally last a lifetime. Dental implants improve your appearance, self-esteem, confidence and consequently your quality of life.
It is always possible to effectively fix a teeth or mouth problem.
Dr. Pedro Freitas, YOU Clinical Director, has specific training in surgery and implants and extensive experience in the area, including in performing surgeries.
It is made a clear commitment in painless surgery, according to a strict protocol of medication and sterilization, in order to facilitate all the postoperative process.
To correct the changes (and conditions) of the oral cavity effectively improves aesthetics and functional capacity, essentially in phonetic functions (speech), chewing and swallowing. Such corrections result in tangible results on patients’ confidence (and their socialization).
Are Dental devices safe and effective?
In orthodontics, to solve dental alignment problems and facial bone disharmony, we often use fixed appliances, removable, expanders and extra-oral appliances.
Dental correction is, above all, a matter of physical and psychological health.
The orthodontics treatment which provides the correct teeth alignment will also facilitate the hygiene of the mouth and teeth, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
YOU uses the latest techniques and recent options for all types of dental appliances.
Is aesthetics dentistry critical to a good self-esteem?
Nowadays, with the technological developments combined with experience and practice, it is possible to have to a beautiful and healthy smile again and to regain the lost confidence. You can improve your self-esteem with a suitable aesthetic treatment and with all medical components and care.
It is possible to correct minor imperfections from the most serious situations. There are several techniques that allow to perform the best necessary corrections, for example crowns and veneers, tooth whitening, aesthetic restorations, orthodontics (braces), dental piercings.
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Can we help?

Most people suffers from dental problems. At YOU we help you to not be afraid to start treatment.
Learn which are the best treatment options for your case.
At YOU we do a rigorous analysis of all procedures to perform, case by case. 
Which are the options to replace missing teeth?
What to do to improve your smile appearance? 
Which type of appliance can you use?
How to have white and healthy teeth again?

Dentistry Clinical Cases

We present the example of some clinical cases treated by YOU. The success of our work reflects on our patients smile. Thank you for your confidence in our team.
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Dental Health Technology

Assisted Conscious Sedation

It is the most advanced technology in controling fear and anxiety at the dentist and for being a totally safe and harmless method is also widely used in children. Through a small nose mask it promotes the inhalation of a gas with analgesic and sedative properties. The patient keeps conscious, with breathing and all standard reflexes but much more quiet, receptive to treatments and cooperative.

Glasses with Magnifying Loupes

In certain areas of dentistry the Glasses with Magnifying Loupes are critical to the accuracy and precision of the treatment. They allow the dentist to optimize the field of view, increasing the structures to be treated and therefore enable a more thorough intervention.
At YOU Dental Clinic we use this technology in our consultations.

Zoom Philips Dental Whitening

Zoom Philips uses an innovative formula complying with the latest INFARMED regulations. By ensuring a strict pH control at low brightener percentages, treatment effectiveness is enhanced while tooth sensitivity is decreased.
Patient Oriented

Those who know us know it: the welfare of our patients is above all.

Kids Corner

In YOU there is a space in the waiting room dedicated to children.

Dedication and Competence

Looking for a dedicated and competent dentist? At YOU we only work that way.

Quality and Rigor

To serve with quality is the motto, we combine a careful analysis with the rigor of medical intervention.

Oral Health

It's really important not to neglect your oral health, book your consultation.

Dental Implants

Learn which is the best solution for your case. At YOU we explain each procedure in detail.


YOU is a multidisciplinary clinic in the dentistry area.

Clinic at Malveira

We are in Malveira, Mafra municipality, western region, very close to Lisbon.

Dental Aesthetics

You can have a beautiful and healthy smile again. We use the latest techniques.

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